Can we use WhatsApp?

Yes, you can but:

  • It is bidirectional platform which means parents can also respond.

  • Maintaining phone number of parents become very cumbersome

  • Phone numbers are not private which means your number is visible to parents

Why use the Uolo app?

  • Uolo is one way messaging platform which means parents cannot respond

  • All phone numbers are stored in database, teacher log in and get access to their classes

  • Parents get SMS if they do not download app. 100% coverage of parents from day one

  • All phone numbers are private which means parents cannot see teacher’s phone number

Connect Whatsapp

After graduating to Uolo Platform, I realised how inadequate whatsapp was for running a school. I am now in complete control of what gets communicated by teachers to the parents.

connect chat

Group and 1:1 Messages


  • Send messages to your class, an individual student or to whole school

  • Send text messages or rich media messages such as Images, Video, Pdf or Doc files

  • Get read receipts when students read the message You can schedule messages at a future date

  • You can schedule messages at a future date

  • Supports all vernacular languages

  • Parents without smartphone get messages on SMS

Advanced Messaging


  • Custom template messages to students

  • Create surveys and get parent responses instantaneously

  • Schedule important events on a calendar which triggers reminder notifications

  • Create custom groups on the fly i.e. bus route groups with students in that bus route

Connect Messaging
User Group Controls

User group controls


  • Can give access only to specific teachers to send messages in a group

  • Disable messages to certain students in a group

  • Bulk edit and upload functionality